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With Filterly, you can use Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way.

We understand that you may have some questions in mind, and we’re here to provide answers and assist you. If you don’t find answers here you can always get in touch with us.

Filterly is a 100% EU-based reverse proxy solution that gives you the ability to control exactly what data you send to Google via Google Analytics. With the help of Filterly, you can continue to use Google Analytics without sending sensitive data in plain text to Google.
A reverse proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary, or as a filter, between different servers. In this case, it is about filtering and anonymizing sensitive data from Google Analytics before the data is forwarded to Google.
Filterly makes it easy to use Google Analytics with full control over what data is being transferred to Google. By using Filterly you can protect your user’s data – and at the same time be ready for future EU privacy regulations.
The principle behind Filterly is based on the French privacy authority CNIL’s recommendations on how to use Google Analytics and at the same time protect your visitors’ personal data.
No. A default implementation of GA4, for example, sends full IP addresses to Google in several cases. Google says that they anonymize the IP address at a later stage, but in practice you send data to Google in plain text and completely trust Google to handle the data correctly.
Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that is constantly evolving. There is a huge amount of training, guides, documentation and courses for Google Analytics. Sure, there are alternatives that offer similar functionality, but they all struggle to measure up to Google Analytics.
Filterly gives you full control over which data you want to filter or anonymize. Exactly how big an impact the filtering has on your GA depends on which data points you need to keep in order to run your business efficiently.
Yes. It is possible to use Filterly for the Conversion API and many other similar functions. A big advantage of using Filterly is that your API keys and other sensitive information are protected while you get full control over what data is shared with Google, Facebook or other partners.
You can get the same technical functionality via Google Cloud, but the problem is that you then use Google to prevent sensitive data from being sent to Google. When you use Filterly, you get full control over which data leaves the EU in a way that is not possible if you use Google, Microsoft or Amazon.
No. By using Filterly you will usually improve the loading time of your website. This happens because we move certain processes from taking place in your visitor’s browser to instead taking place on Filterly’s servers.
Filterly can be used to send data to Matomo, Plausible, Piwi Pro and many other platforms. The processing takes place on Filterly’s servers. So, if you want, you can use Google Analytics, Matomo, Plausible and Piwik Pro at the same time without your visitor having to load multiple scripts.
There are many advantages to using Filterly instead of running Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics the traditional way. In addition to protecting your visitors’ – and your own data (such as API keys) – you also get the opportunity to:

  • Streamline management of measurement/marketing
  • Achieve better performance for your website
  • Reduce problems that can be created by adblockers
  • Collect more and better data
  • Increased possibilities regarding cookies
  • Get access to functions that are not possible with traditional tracking
The initial implementation costs start from €2000 per site.

The monthly cost is based on server load. In short, it’s about the number of visitors and their interactions on your website (contact us and we can make recommendations on a plan that suits you).

In the vast majority of cases, it is a cost between €125 and €240 per month.

You can cancel the agreement with 1 month’s notice

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