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Keep using Google Analytics without sending sensitive data to Google.
Meet the requirements of GDPR, CNIL, Schrems II, and an upcoming Schrems III.

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  • EU-based reverse proxy
  • Keep your visitor data safe
  • Future-proof upcoming privacy laws

The problem

Is using Google Analytics illegal in the EU?

For the moment, no.

Several European data protection agencies have previously declared Google Analytics illegal due to “third country transfer”, where personal data of EU citizens is sent to a US entity and potentially shared with American intelligence agencies.

8 European countries so far have made declarations on Google Analytics or have issued fines already. The latest one in July 2023.

The new “Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework” from July 10, 2023, makes these transfers to Google legal again. However, the problems with FISA 702 remain and privacy advocates are already challenging the decision. A “Schrems III” is likely to come.

Datatilsynet, Denmark

“Danish Data Protection Agency concludes that the tool cannot, without more, be used lawfully. Lawful use requires the implementation of supplementary measures in addition to the settings provided by Google.”

Datatilsynet – September 21, 2022

CNIL, France

“…although Google has adopted additional measures to regulate data transfers in the context of the Google Analytics functionality, these are not sufficient to exclude the accessibility of this data for US intelligence services.”

CNIL – February 10, 2022

The solution

Future-proof your Google Analytics

Filterly makes it easy to use Google Analytics with full control over what data is being transferred.

By using Filterly you will be ready for future EU privacy regulations.

Data Filter

Filterly acts as a filter between your website visitors and Google Analytics. It gives you the ability to control the data that is shared with Google.

Data Privacy

With Filterly, you can remove or pseudonymize any sensitive data that should not be shared with Google, ensuring better data privacy and compliance.

Control and Compliance

Filterly empowers you with 100% control over your data, allowing you to stop third-country transfers while still utilizing the benefits of Google Analytics.

“Companies need to control what personal data is transferred to Google In order to fulfil the general requirements of the GDPR.

Filterly is an efficient tool for this purpose.”

Sandra Hanson

Lawyer specialized in GDPR – MarLaw

How Filterly works?

A “reverse proxy” built according to CNIL specifications.

With Filterly, you gain 100% control over the data leaving the EU, ensuring compliance and data privacy.

EU owned and operated

Filterly is fully owned and operated within the European Union, ensuring compliance with EU regulations and data protection standards.


Filterly operates on OVHCloud, which is the largest fully European cloud provider globally, reinforcing its commitment to European data security and sovereignty.

100% control

With Filterly, you have the flexibility to remove, edit, or add any desired data before transmitting it to Google Analytics, ensuring precise and controlled data sharing.


Filterly Pricing and Plans


€125 / Month

For Small/Medium websites –
One Google Analytics property

  • 100 000 GA-events
    per month

  • Setup fee from €1500


€240/ Month

Medium/Large websites –
Can contain multiple GA properties

  • up to 1 million GA-events
    per month

  • Setup fee from €2000


€395 / Month

For organizations with a lot of traffic –
Can contain many GA properties

  • up to 10 million GA-events
    per month

  • Setup fee from €2500

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